Do you have about 10 vases under your sink?  I know I do!  I was searching around and found some fantastic ways to upcycle them and treat yourself to a beautiful arrangement of flowers every week.  I spent some time on Pinterest and found so many ideas to reuse those babies.
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Chalkboard Paint

The first idea came from a blogger name Julie that swiped the idea from a Pottery Barn magazine.  (love that!) Check out the details at Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.

Photo courtesy of Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

Milk Paint or Shabby Chic

The next type of painting technique I found intriguing was milk paint.  I love the Shabby Chic look and this just sums it up.  Special opaque glass paint can be baked on after painting to make the design permanent and washable. Glass window paint will dry transparent and allows light to shine through the finished design. Find these specialty glass paints at your local craft store.  You can find some instructions here on Holidays Central website.


For more great ideas visit our Pinterest Boards and don't forget to pick up those fresh flowers at Lazy Daisy Flowers & Gifts!