Sympathy Arrangements

We understand the emotions that come with the loss of a loved one. We pride ourselves with the ability to help you honor a loved one and express condolences with arrangements that are as unique as each life lived. We would be honored to assist you in your time of need.

Sympathy Hearts

Heart (Set Piece) – A set piece in the shape of a heart, usually featuring one flower variety and trimmed with a small flower spray. Other variants include the following.

Bleeding Heart – A white heart as a background for a spray of red roses. Often ribbons extend the effect; construction may vary.

Broken Heart – AA white heart as a background to a zigzag placement of red flowers.

Open Heart – A heart with the inside of the form removed (also in the shape of a heart), often designed with one type of flower and ribbons. An alternative can be a grapevine heart wreath designed with a flower cluster and ribbons.

Full Heart – A solid colorful heart with a variety of flowers or a specific color theme.

Casket Designs

Blanket – A design of flowers with a draping base, such as burlap, on which flowers and/or foliage are fastened. The design may cover the entire top of the casket, and it may even flow to the floor.

Scarf – A design of flowers, often placed on fabric, that drapes over a small portion of the casket.

Spray – A spray designed to cover a major portion of the top of a casket. A full couch casket spray is designed to be placed on a casket that is fully closed.

A full couch lid spray is designed to be placed on the rack immediately behind the open lid of a fully open casket. This spray appears as if it is sitting on the lid.

A half couch casket spray is designed to be placed ont he lower portion of the lid of a half-open casket.

Casket Lid Inset – A cluster of flowers placed inside the casket, often a tribute from the grandchildren. It may be placed on a pillow, fan, etc.

Sympathy Baskets

An arrangement in a container of wicker, plastic, or metal with or without a handle. The width of the container is equal to or greater than the height. It can be displayed on the floor or on a stand. In the South, plastic containers are often used. If a basket arrangement in a wicker container is preferred, it should be specified.

Sympathy Sprays

Spray – A one sided flower design, flat on the back side, which can be displayed in various ways, for example, casket spray, easel spray, or flat spray.
Easel Spray – A spray designed to be displayed on an easel. It is also referred to as a standing spray.
Flat Spray – A triangular spray of greenery with flowers and a satin bow that is often designed in styrofoam. The sprays are often grouped by funeral directors to foam arches, crosses, or other shapes.