Fall wedding centerpiece

More often than not, you are not indecisive of your wedding theme. You have decided on an October wedding but haven't figured out what is the theme you want to carry.

One useful tip is to go back to nature. Look around in nature to find a natural material that depicts fall. Imagine autumnal colored fallen leaves. Pick something that you like and then make it a motive and carry the motive throughout your wedding. Below are some fall accents that you could use as your wedding theme.

Wheat – Use wheat in your bouquets, your centerpieces and them in your boutonnieres. They make nice filler flowers and also can be alone. Match with a brown or orange ribbon for a modern look.

Maple leaves – Use maple leaves in all your wedding flower arrangements, centerpieces, bouquets and even boutonnieres. Use maple leaf motives in your wedding invitations and place card holders to follow this motive throughout.

Gourds & Pumpkins – Use pumpkins as your wedding centerpiece containers. cut into half and empty the contents to make space for the flowers. Use mini pumpkins in your bouquets. You can also use pumpkin trees to make tall centerpieces for a lovely fall wedding.

Mums – Everyone thin

ks fall when they see the burst of colors that mums can offer.  Simple and easy to obtain in many colors to make your centerpieces scream autumn!